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Fitness is not a destination. It's a way of life.

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Gymmito Fitness Club offers a wide range of activities and classes ranging from hard core weights to Zumba. Take your pick from our facilities and become a part of the GYMMITO Family!

Gymmito Fitness Club

Gymmito Fitness Club

A state of the art gym facility. Fully equipped with multiple Cardio, Resistance, Functional and Group Exercise training options.

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Lion's Den

Lion's Den

Step into The Lion’s Den to experience Group Functional Training at it’s best.

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Ladies Only

Ladies Only

A private ‘Ladies Only Gym’ area, ideal for working out with a Personal Trainer and inclusive of Group Exercise classes.

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Gymmito Kids Club

Gymmito Kids Club

A facility where learning new skills is fun. Gymnastics, MMA, Karate, Indoor climbing.

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Gymmito Fight Club

Gymmito Fight Club

Train like a professional MMA fighter! Kick-boxing, Grappling and Defensive Tactics.

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Group Exercises


The GYMMITO Family is all inclusive and offers classes for everyone, based on their age groups and preferences. Our classes fully incorporate the people of Doha and we are always aiming to provide our clients with wholesome fitness activities so that fitness becomes a way of life.


Glutes and core Class. Its time to get specific with Glutes and Core Class and target the body parts that tend to get lazy. A lot of the exercises are done using the mat, and while they predominantly target abs, we are sculpting all other muscles in the core, including hips, glutes and back.


Spinning provides a fun and challenging cardiovascular workout for all ages (over 16) & fitness levels. Experience a full ride of hills, sprints and endurance intervals with energizing music and motivational instruction!


A ZUMBA class combines fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body using principles from aerobic and fitness to achieve cardio and muscle-toning benefits. In every ZUMBA lesson four core rhythms are always present: merengue, salsa, cumbia and reggaeton.

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Dear Members,

Lockdown 2.0, April fools?

Nope. Harsh reality. Another period without your beloved Gym, another period without your home away from home, Gymmito.

We are however not sitting idly by! We are kicking it up a gear on our socials and provide you with daily exercises from The Den, The Kids Club, The Fight Club and the Main Gym. Follow us on Instagram and catch us live!

Meanwhile, we encourage you to rent our equipment. Yes, souq Gymmito is a fact! We rent out barbells, dumbbells, kettle-bells, free weights, rowers, bikes and the paint on the walls! Colin, our AGM, has serious merchant skills! On a serious note, renting from us = supporting us.

We will call you this month regarding a unique membership package that includes a full Health Check at Alfardan Medical Northwestern Medical. This membership package (worth five thousand) includes a consult with a certified Clinical Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist. Your body composition will be analyzed by the highly accurate Bod Pod, a clinical test for body composition. An Exercise Physiologist will assess you by reviewing your medical history, health risk factors, goals, and prescribe an exercise program that can be implemented us the added 4 complimentary personal training sessions at Gymmito. Pre-registration starts now! We have limited availability, therefore: first come first serve! Vaccines!

Today we took a trip to the QNCC and were administered the Moderna vaccine! Gymmito is proud to announce to be almost 100% vaccinated!

During this lockdown, we encourage you to stay in touch with our personal trainers. The Gymmito Team is encouraged to be highly engaged with members and friends of the club!

See you all soon!

Matthijs Bos

General Manager

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Group Schedule

Our back to back classes ensure that we accommodate to your busy schedules. We are constantly adding classes to make sure that we make time for you! Be sure to download the Gymmito app to book and to check for updates on the go.

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Our Team

The GYMMITO team is made up of dedicated fitness professionals from around the world, brought to Qatar to offer members the very best in fitness, health and well-being.



My goal is to help people be fit and have fun while doing their workout.



I aim to educate, correct and explain to you all you need to know in relation with fitness life.



My goal is to inspire people and guide them on the way to a healthy lifestyle through discipline and hard work.



Everything happens for a reason, for a season, for life!


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